Mindful Moments

Looking after your employees. This is mindfulness for the workplace.
Mindful moments is a 20 minute online session that gives employees some time out by introducing movement, breathing techniques and meditation to easily fit into their day.

We all know that mindfulness benefits wellbeing and individual mental health – but we now know that it also helps to boost productivity within the workplace and can lead to more positive relationships between colleagues.

All movement involved in the sessions is designed to be able to be performed at the desk so there is no need for employees to move anything around in their home or at the office, all they need to do is click a Zoom link and they will be connected.

Perfect for any company, whether employees work from home or together at an office, everyone can log on and enjoy the benefits.

“We’ve got so much out of our time together – from helping us through that awful winter lockdown and the adjustment to our return to the real world/crazy internal growth to helping individuals with managing pain (and so much more) – you’ve been so attentive and informative, and everyone who has taken part has said how much they’ve loved the classes/being taught by you.” – Olivia @ HUGGG

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