Movement not only builds stronger muscles, bones and joints, but it also helps to relieve pain, stress and anxiety symptoms. Our bodies were built for movement, and a sedentary lifestyle can cause disease, illness, a weaker immune system, low self esteem and mental health issues. Which is why I believe that finding movement that you can enjoy is super important. Movement shouldn’t be a burden or a chore, it can feel exhilarating, powerful and exciting. My goal is to bring this attitude towards movement to as many people as possible by helping to introduce them to movement or to aid them in their journey of finding movement that is right for them personally.

I run a public yoga class every Tuesday at Deptford Lounge at 6.15pm where you can expect a mix of gentle and dynamic movement, coupled with some relaxation and breathing techniques to help calm the nervous system.


I teach personalised one to one sessions which can;

  • Help you with injury or rehabilitation
  • Introduce you to some gentle movement personalised to your own capabilities
  • Help you discover what style of movement you like
  • Help you improve on specific elements of movement

Book a class or one to one session

Public Classes:

Pay What you Feel


One to one session:

1 hour – £55

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