Pain Reprocessing

Having been a long term pain sufferer myself, I know exactly how hard it is to feel stuck and withdrawn because of constant pain and discomfort.

Whether your pain is chronic (lasting longer than 3 months) or intermittent, I can help ease pain symptoms by giving you the tools you need to find freedom and get yourself ‘back on track’.

My 10 week course will start off with an initial consultation so I can get to know you and your pain and from there I can give you a tailored plan over the next 9 weeks so you have a better understanding of how pain is processed, and introduce you to many science backed tools and techniques.

Everything we do in the sessions is always backed by research so I will also follow up each session with the plan for the week, plus links that you might find useful throughout the course.

I want you to be able to take back control of your life and get back to the things you love doing!

Book a fully
personalized & tailored
session for you

Initial 10 week course (including initial consultation):


Follow up sessions:


Initial consultation is 1 hour 15 mins, all other sessions are 50 mins. I offer a free 30 minute chat before we get started so you can get to know me and understand exactly what I do and how I can help you. Just email to arrange!

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