Our retreats are a way to give you a bit of me time and enjoy some yoga, have some fun and bask in the company of some mighty-fine people! We take the pressure off completely and give you time for your nervous system to reset. Our retreats are so well planned that you really don’t need to make any decisions from the moment your foot hits the door of your home away from home, to the moment you’re hugging your new friends goodbye. You are completely supported by us and we organise absolutely everything for you

We’ll make sure you’re very well fed with an array of culinary delights cooked by our accommodating chefs who will tailor your meals around your dietary requirements – your body and mind need sustenance to function optimally – you definitely won’t go hungry with us!

We understand your time off is precious so we treat it as such – we honestly can’t think of a better way to spend your time than building a stronger and happier relationship with your body through movement, relaxation, nutritious food, holidaying and wonderful company to feel the boost of your physical and mental health.

Our friendly teachers will guide you through both challenging and calming classes so you’re feeling balanced and rejuvenated throughout the week. We carry a big focus on the science behind the mind-body connection and we’ll teach you the tools you can take home with you to help you lead a more fulfilling and positive life. We also incorporate our super calming ‘Restore & Release with Yoga & Massage’ workshop elements into each retreat (if you haven’t been to one of these already, you’ve got to get it on your bucket list!) and massage away your cares with the help of soothing aromatherapy and restorative yoga poses designed for easing muscle tension, lifting away stress and settling the nervous system.

Our retreats create a time for you to reset, realign and reawaken your body and mind in a way that feels totally indulgent, yet uplifting and powerful.

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